Is there any way to stream audio between room?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to add a function which stream audio between rooms with OH2. For example, I stay in room A and my mate stay in room B, how can I speak to him remotely from my room? I mean, I want to build up a telephone-liked system based on OH2 platform, How can I do that?
Please show me how!!
Big thanks!!!

Why You want to use OpenHAB ? OpenHAB is for automation not comunication. If you want to send your voice from one room to another, buy a microphone, amplifier and speakers, than wire it up.

Maybe Alexa is an option. You can make calls with an echo dot to another echo dot for example.

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Stay calm my man, @rozpruwacz
Maybe I didn’t clarify myself so well…
I want to create a switch on website UI (anything like classicUI, Habpanel…) and the receiver’s address. Then everytime I press this button, the audio can stream to that person at specific room. Generally, it works like a walkie-talkie system in smarthome system.

That’s my idea, I think it’s totally possible to make it works together with OH2. I just dont know how to do it specifically, I hope someone can suggest me some idea. I means what devices, softwares…anything to make it real.
Thanks for your quick reply anyway, though it doesn’t help :v: Peace :v:

Great, it could be an option, thank you <3
But since I’m broke, can I have another option without spending so much budget on the hardware?

Just a shot in the dark, but maybe it is possible to record audio via the smartphone browser?
E.g. a switch on habpanel which toggles the audio recording of the smartphone.

Quick google search:

And after that you might be able to play it back on some speaker device which supports streaming and offers some kind of API/Protocol/whatever for it.

I was calm, no need for such comment … NVM. So basically You want to make an intercom. Still You havent explained why You want to use OpenHAB for that. Do You already have something that grabs your voice ? You need to explain more. There are many many ways to make an intercom and OpenHAB may not be necceary for that at all.

That is a nice idea. Should be possible with most IP-cameras also to send voice (but quality is not rly good).

Hi. In my setup I have the Windows tablet in corridor. Its main function is to display the calender with activities (synchronized with both my and wife’s mobile calender via google).

But it also has EventGhost installation - a very powerful automation software with a lot integrations. I use a webserver and text2speech plugins in EG. So all events on my OH server are send via HTTP call to this tablet’s web server with parameter ?SAY=My%20text%20to%20say. So when it is alarm events- it says relevant voice messages like ”Smoke in Laundry!”.

Also it can play wav files. So f.ex. I have simulation presence script in OH that not only toggle my lights, but also sometimes simulate dogs barking by playing bark1.wav, bark2.wav, bark3.wav on corridor tablet (different dog bark sounds :smile: )