Is there anyone who built complete home automation solution using OH2?

I have task of building home automation for more than 50 appliances where I need complete guidance of building automation product.So,that it helps me a lot. TIA

Read the Documentation (see the Tabs above), after that start from small/easy and increase step by step. When questions are arising search this Forum, the Chance that the same Problem has been observed and solved are pretty good.

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I’ve seen posts from several users who use OH on deployments of this size or larger.

You are again asking for other people to do the coding for you. These people are available, for hire. One on One tutoring is available, for a fee.
This is a help forum, not a support group.
All the info you need is in the docs as I have told you before.
Go ahead, write your code and when it doesn’t work after reading the docs and searching the forum for existing posts, then ask for help. We’ll help.

yeah writing code @vzorglub but I have gone through documentation. All i confused is using sonoff can i have two way communication like if I switch ON button in sitemap it will turn ON the relay as well If I switch off the physical switch will it indicate the turn OFF button in sitemap

If your question was: Is it possible to correctly display the switch-state of a SONOFF relay on the sitemap. The answer is YES!

Tasmota sonoff docs

Read the docs!!