Is there something like a "configuration item"?

Hello :wink:

i need a items without a thing linked to it.
To be more specific:

i want to control a irrigation system. I have a pump thing and a moisture sensor thing. both a controllable via openhab2.
But now i want to configure my setup via the openhab UI. so i i need a switch an maybe a dimmer thing. The switch should en/disable a automode and the dimmer should be the limit, the pump should automatically water the plants.
The could be configured with a rule. But I did not find something, how to create the “virtual” items i need.
Is there a solution, how to do something like this in OH2?


Apologies for my ignorance. are you saying:
a) You have a pump controlled by a moisture sensor working in OH2
b) You need an extra OH switch for auto-mode on|off (of what you’ve got in a))
c) This is the part I do not understand: a dimmer to do what?
i) regulate the water volume
ii) the pump running time

Another hint: search the forum for “sprinkler” (currently 15 results) which may give you some ideas.

hmm after reading it, it sounds really a bit confused :wink:

  1. I have pump which can be controlled by openhab (stupid arduino without any logic implemented, as i want to leave the logic part within openhab)
  2. a moisture sensors, tranmitting the moisture to openhab

now i need some items without physical things linked.

  1. a switch for enabling or disabling the automatic irrigation for that plant
  2. a dimmer, which configures the moisture value the irrigation should start when in auto mode
  3. another dimmer, which configures the moisture valie, the irrigation should stop when in auto mode (not shure if a timed irrigation is more secure :wink: )

i tried something like

Switch	n1auto	"PFLANZENNAME1 Pumpe Automatikmodus"	  	<water> (gGF_irrigation01)

but this item is not visible in OH.

If you want to see your Item in Paper UI, you will have to define it through Paper UI. Therfore, you have to configure openHAB not to autogenerate Items:

  1. Paper UI -> Configuration -> Services -> System -> Item Linking -> Configure -> Simple Mode off
  2. Restart openHAB, I don’t know if this setting will take part immediately

Then, to setup a new Item:

Paper UI -> Configuration -> Items -> + (the big one above the Item list)

(If I memorize correctly)