Is there something like a textbox?


in order to utilise the “say” function, I’d need a control that takes a string, in other words a text box Does OH2 have something like that?

My plan is to use Sonos speakers as an audio sink for the text I’m setting in the textbox. The text will change ( something like “Breakfast is ready, get up now!”)

that would be

say(“Breakfast is ready, get up now!”) … uses default language and sink

you can also define that in the command like:

say(“Breakfast is ready, get up now!”,“voicerss:enEN”,“sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_93879213”)

That would be the code used in a rule.
I would want to get that string from the UI and the rule would use the string as set on the UI.

maybe i just dont understand your usecase…

you can let it read anything
define a helper item or variable for that like:

this one reads the string from a variable

say(result + “open”)

the string of result is e.g. a window name and the text spoken is like “bath window open”

I want on the UI a control/widget or whatever you call it in which the user can enter a string that would be used by the say command.v
The command would look like:
say(TextItem. State,“voicerss:enEN”,“sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_93879213”)

You could do that with predefined Text blocks

Use mappings or selection Lists on your UI

That’s what I figured also, so the idea of a user that could enter a free text is out of scope so far.
Thanks for the help.

There might be something you can do in Habpanel with the custom widgets. I don’t think there is anything you can do in BasicUI/ClassicUI for this though, as you have already guessed.

There is a nice solution in the forum for this problem.
Look at
Input field for number/free text