Is there way to execute a rule via the Amazon Echo binding without using "on" or "off"

I just started to use Alexa in combination with OH3 and it works nice :slight_smile: I was expecting some latency issues, but it works nearly instantaneously.

I was wondering if there is a way (maybe via some work around) to specify a command which does not use on or off.
Suppose I have a rule, which when triggered instructs the vacuum cleaner to clean the room. Ideally the command would be something like: “Alexa clean the room” and not “Alexa clean the room on”

Any possibilities to accomodate this ?

One possibility is to define a routine in the Alexa app on your smartphone. You can define any sentence and a related action that is to be executed.

As addition to Wolfgang_S answer.

You can create the routines in the Alexa App and as action you put that Alexa should just respond with ‘ok’.

In OH you can than acess the lastVoiceCommand Channel and build your rule based on the expected input.