Is this normal for zigbee neighbor status?

Dear all,

I have a two IKEA signal repeates and few IKEA rollerblinds.
Some of the rollerbinds often show as “OFFLINE”, but still function ok upon sending a command. I am guessing that some status updates are not reaching the coordinator. I am trying to figure out why. One odd thing I noticed on both the signal repeaters is that the relationship with the coordinator is “SIBLING” while the relationship with the other signal repeater is “PARENT”, i.e. both show this:

openhab> zigbee neighbors 10091
Total neighbors: 2
Extended PAN ID       Extended Address      Network Address       Device Type           RX On When Idle  Relationship  Permit Joining  Depth         LQI
4C743C00214034AE      804B50FFFED097C3                     37079  ROUTER                          RX_ON     PARENT       UNKNOWN            15            95
4C743C00214034AE      000D6F000DBF6A85                         0  COORDINATOR                     RX_ON    SIBLING       UNKNOWN             0            78

On the coordinator the relationship with both signal repeaters is reported as “SIBLING”.

Is this how it should be? I would assume that:

  1. The coordinator would be the parent, although sibling might work as well seeing as all of them are routing.
  2. The relationship between the signal repeaters would not be both “PARENT”, at least it should be one “PARENT” the other “CHILD”, or even more logically have both of them as “SIBLING”.

Any thoughts?

No - the device will join to the “best” router - it won’t necessarily be the coordinator. It decides based on the LQI.

Ok, I still dont get that they consider each other the “Parent”, that just sounds strange. Also what is the significance of this relationship?