Is Wallmote Dual supported under OH 2.2?

I just got a WallMote Dual (1.8 firmware) and I’m trying to set it up using rules in OH 2.2 and I’ve found the following issues:
The “Switch” binding never sends a command, update or change notification when tapping either the first or second button. (Bound to a Switch Item)
The “Dimmer” binding only sends an Update on every second tap and only when tapping the second button. (Bound to a Dimmer item)
Long presses are not supported and generate an error:

 Unsupported Command 4 for command class SWITCH_MULTILEVEL (0x26)

and is followed by another error:

Unsupported Command 5 for command class SWITCH_MULTILEVEL (0x26)

I also have WallMote quad and I have working just fine. The bindings are completely different, but that is not necessarily the problem.
Is there some magic I need to use to get this to work as expected? My expectations are that either a command, update or change is sent with a single button press to either button. I have Quad, and love it. A little tricky to get setup, but it works very well.
Can I make the Dual work with OH 2.2, given my expectations?