ISM8 Binding: no updates after a few hours

Dear all,

Im running openhab 3.2 in a container on my NAS. Everything is working fine beside that I have an issue with my ism8 binding. It’s working fine for a few hours and then stops to receive any update. If I restart the container, its working again, if I just restart my Wolf heating system, there is no change. Therefore I assume the issue must be linked to the binding or openhab, not the ism8 card / heating system.

The last restart was ~ 5:15 am this morning:
2022-05-03 05:15:14.868 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item ‘ISM_HeizungBetriebsart’ changed from NULL to 6.0

The last update was ~10 hours later:
2022-05-03 15:42:08.183 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item ‘ISM_HeizungSysAussentemperatur’ changed from 19.89999955520034 to 19.699999559670687

Since then no update is part of the events.log.

Thank you for your help.

For whatever reason: I could solve the issue by updating the BM Modul to firmware 3.0, in case someone has similiar issues.

I have the same problem that after some time no updates are sent to OpenHAB items anymore, but the thing still shows “online”. Anyone with an idea what could be the reason?

Please check the ISM card for error indication.
I had this failure caused by a wrong challel definition. After removal, the binding is working solid for weeks now.

As mentioned, after a new setup of the ISM8 thing everything works fine for a while. Then, after some time, items don’t receive updates anymore. Therefore a wrong configuration of the ISM8 card can not be the reason.

It is not necessarily a binding issue.
Check the LEDs on the ISM card. If you don‘t see the green LED flashing, the card is in error state and needs to be restarted.

Good point - will have a look on this and will report.

On the other hand I missed to point out that this failure came up together with upgrade to version M1 3.4.0.