ISM8i or ISM7i together with CHA?

I am pretty new to all this stuff and I installed openHAB on a PI and connected it to the ISM8i of my CHA 10 and indeed - I got values from that machine.

The value if “DPID 191 Leistungsaufnahme” seems to be ok (its the same as shown in the BM2 module at the same time), but “DPID 178 Heizleistung” seems to be strange. Sometimes I think it shows only 1/10 of the values shown by the BM2 module.

But lots of other values could not be retrieved - so I ask myself, how can I get the calculated values for YAZ or the total power cinsumption … are they not available ?

Does ISM7i offers these values ? Actually users of the CHA would like to see these values !?!?!?!?!

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