Ismacontrolli IO module with Modbus tcpip

I’m thinking of getting Ismacontrolli’s IO module iSMA-B-MIX18-IP which has Modbus tcpip but the datasheet says that the module is a master so I’m now somewhat confused whether this module would work with OH3’s Modbus binding. All my Modbus units are slaves and they work nicely with OH3.

I guess you might get faster start wit BACnet binding than Modbus. For module itself - it seems to act as Modbus TCP to RTU gateway. So you module is TCP slave and RTU master at the same time. This means that you. Looking closer at sheet I read:

Modbus Gateway: IP/RS485 (works only as a master on RS485 network).

As far I know iSMA you probably need vendor software to configure it.

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@splatch, great many thanks for the info. It seems that I didn’t read the datasheet carefully enough. If I get the unit I’ll stick perhaps with Mobus because I’m more used to it but perhaps I should have a look at BACnet as well.