ISO Reliable Energy Monitor - Unreliable Aeotec DSB09104 Home Energy Monitor

I have an Aeotec DSB09104 Home Energy Monitor Zwave device that is, simply put, unreliable. This wall-powered device goes offline with OH frequently, even when I have it sitting a mere 6ft from the Zwave USB controller. When mounted in the garage by the breaker box, the device shows online but it can’t/doesn’t report its own model number, thus OH can’t recognize it. If I move it inside near the controller, the device and all channels are perfectly recognized but it still goes offline.

Battery powered zwave devices (like door sensors) are further away and are 100% reliable; never seen one go offline.

I’m seeking opinions on a replacement energy meter that actually works.

How about the Shelly EM? They have c probes, simply enough to add, two or three channels… binding is local, and you get to keep the app.

I use Eastron meters with modbus. You have them in single or three phase

Thanks @DarkoG, I should have specified I’m in the USA.

@Pedro_Liberal, cool. Never heard of them. Seems simple enough. You use this with OH?

Not me personally, but it’s an European company with many consumers and lots of people here use it.

Edit: maybe I should have added that when k say “not me personally “ I mean “not me personally yet” - but I have all intentions of using it in the future. I have four Shelly 2.5pm for shutters, their nifty wall switches, and eventually I’ll be getting the rgbw controller as well :slight_smile: