ISO thats cut down - Ubuntu

Hi Guys,

Is there a linux OS thats cut down for OH2? Centos or Ubuntu I guess.

Just dont want to put Desktop (bloatware) on my server


Ours been a while so going from memory but my OH is just on an old repurposed laptop running headless Ubuntu Server 16.04

Thanks Ben, hardware isnt the issue (my OH2 box is now on a UCS-E Cisco blade) but I want to cut down the stuff that runs for no reason.

Yeah I don’t recall exactly what I let it install. I know it has no X or GUI centric things. Cutting out size of /home I’d guess total install size is about 4GB

You could try installing using the mini iso, and just select only the packages you want (i.e. no GUI, etc.).

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Ubuntu and CentOS both provide a Server ISO that doesn’t include the desktop and are really minimal installs.

Unless you are really a CentOS fan, I’d recommend Ubuntu only because there are far more users on this forum running on Debian based distros compared to RedHat like distros.

I’m running OH on an Ubuntu Server install. I’m pretty happy with the size and what is running in the background. There is nothing running that I know doesn’t need to be.

thanks Rich, Ben & Mark exactly what i needed to know!

ill go ahead and run the Server ubuntu image.


depending on yopur plattform take a look at: DietPi

I wonder how it would go on this:

What is the load you are expecting on this system? If its just couple of homes, I would suggest save money, use rasppi or other ARM based sbc. X86s are powerful, but do you need that much computing power in the first place?

my home.

About 10 zwave devices, 10 sonoffs, 10 cameras

Any quad core ARM SBC could handle it. I am controlling over 20 devices (no cameras though) using OH on rpi2. My CPU usage is less than 10% most of the times. Occasional peaks go to 30% during normal ops, 100% during OH startup (but thats natural). RAM is 30% (out of 1 GB).
If you expect expansion in next 10 years or plan on running speech recognition software on the rig then X86 hunk is good. But regardless of local expansion, the softwares keep getting fatter for a richer experience. OH might get FAT in 10 years, who knows. In that case, X86 would be good investment.

Hmm. Never tried getting my cameras into OH.

I also run zoneminder on the server for those - and zoneminder is proving much hungrier than OH. just something to be aware of.

Anyone had experience with those NVR SBCs? They have like 4/4 dedicated encode/decode hardware channels. I never did rnd on those. They are cheap (20$) but OS support might be a problem. If those can be leveraged by zoneminder, it would be awesome and even easy to integrate with OH.