isPointOf results in alphabetic order of parents group

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspb 4
    • openHAB version: 3.2

An item ( like battery load etc) is placed in the Modell due to the parameter „isPointOf“. This parameter is a result of the parameter „direct parents group“.
That works fine as long as there is just one parents group.
If there are more then one parents groups in that item (like Sensor name and gGroup), the parameter „isPointOf“ depends on the alphabetic position of the first letters. That means, if the sensor name begins with a letter „higher“ than „g“ (from gGroup) the Modell shows the item under sensor name , otherwice under the group name.
Is there any chance to set „isPointOf“ manually? or any other way to get a proper Modell order
Regards Wolf

Your item can only belong to one semantic group, but can be part of multiple non semantic groups.
Check your groups and normally this should fix this

Will it create any trouble within the project, if the item belongs to more than one semantic group? I just took a group name starting with „a“ like „aGroup“ and it works. It leaves the item where it was before.
But I will try nonsemantic groups.

It’s by design of the semantic model, that only one group is supported, as e.g. physically one device can only belong to one room.

There were several discussions in the past around this. E.g.

That‘s all ok. I just wanted to see the group result in the modell, without scrolling through the 800 items. But with non-semantic group it works as well or even better.

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