Issue 660 - Check if device is running in data saver mode

Hey guys,

I am currently thinking about a solution for following ticket:

I am not sure about how we should handle whitlisted state.

The current plan is as following:

  • Data saver enabled > click on images/maps etc to load
  • Data saver disabled -> load all the things
  • Whitelisted and data saver enabled -> ?

I myself do not have any issues with openhab drawing some data from my plan, so I#d love to get some ideas! :slight_smile:

Regarding whitelisted: “The user has enabled Data Saver but the app is whitelisted. Apps should still make an effort to limit foreground and background data usage.”

Data saver enabled: Also disabling auto-refresh of charts and images?

I had a look to that doc, but I don’t really know, how we should handle this.
Whitlist == Enabled? Or more like: Don’t auto refresh charts and images, but initialize them?

IMO yes.