Issue adding metadata via Karaf console

I was trying to add some metadata tags via the karaf console but it was being parsed incorrectly. You will see below where I try and add an array value for speeds in double quotes but the quotes seem to be ignored.

If I do
openhab> smarthome:metadata add OfficeFan_Dimmer ga Fan [speeds=“0=off,25=low,50=default:medium,100=high” lang=“en” ordered=“true”]

I get
Added: Metadata [key=ga:OfficeFan_Dimmer, value=Fan, configuration=[100=high, ordered=true, 25=low, speeds=0=off, 50=default:medium, lang=en]]

It seems to be ignoring the double quotes.

I ended up giving up and using the APIs to add the configuration elements and if I get on console it does show up correctly:
openhab> smarthome:metadata list OfficeFan_Dimmer ga
Metadata [key=ga:OfficeFan_Dimmer, value=Fan, configuration=[ordered=true, speeds=0=off,25=low,50=default:medium,100=high, lang=en]]

Is this a bug in the command parser or my lack of understanding on how it parses?

Maybe you have to escape the quotes by \ or \\

I think I figured it out and actually probably did the API add slightly wrong. Put the second level of array values in curly brackets {}.

openhab> smarthome:metadata add OfficeFan_Dimmer ga Fan [speeds="{0=off,25=low,50=default:medium,100=high}" lang=“en” ordered=true]
Updated: Metadata [key=ga:OfficeFan_Dimmer, value=Fan, configuration=[ordered=true, speeds=0=off 25=low 50=default:medium 100=high, lang=en]]