Issue adding Things with Z-Stick Gen5

I’m trying to add two Neo z-wave devices and both are showing up as “Unknown” when I discover them with the z-wave binding. I checked and they are in the database as being supported. One is battery powered and the other is a plug. The battery powered motion sensor shows it’s online while the plug shows offline.

Any tricks I can try to get these devices recognized? Thanks!

This is really frustrating. Seems like adding z-wave devices is hit or miss. I can’t do anything with these two devices after they were discovered by the z-wave binding.

32 PM

Many Battery devices have the ability to wake them up and keep them awake for an extended period of time. I think you probably just need to keep waking them up. Otherwise, just leave them alone and let them check in and continue the initialization. There are several threads about including Z-Wave devices.

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