Issue with GE Zwave dimmer switches (14294) not switching light state

Of course, but you can’t have two primary controller at the same time.

There is no painless way: exclude all your devices, swap the controller, reset all your devices, include all your devices to the new controller.

Hey guys, so I think I found out what is causing the issue. After much testing and investigating im about 80% sure that its a bug with the switch. let me explain:

The only switches that I have an issue with are configured like this:

This makes the light come on and off very fast, eliminating the dimming on/off time. Even though those are valid configuration settings, I think the switch was switching so fast that its circuitry didn’t actually change the state of the light. Since I changed the switches to act slower, I haven’t had any issues.

Like I said, not positive but feel pretty good that this is the issue.

Ok guys, I actually have a solution to this one!

I spent a lot of time trying to understand and troubleshoot my zwave network and these switches and want to post this as a solution in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

The tl;dr is that i moved my Z-wave controller closer to the center of my house.

For context, my house is only about 50’ by 50’ dimensionally 1 story, wood framing (no CMB) and it was littered by about 40 AC powered Z-wave devices so i didnt think the position of the controller was that relevant but I found out that it was. As i said above, i moved it to the center of the house and saw an instant improvement in response times of lights and scenes as well as the issue described above with the switches activating but not changing the attached light has not occurred since i moved the controller.

Again for context, my lights would take 15-30 seconds to activate sometimes and sometimes they wouldn’t activate at all. After pulling logs it was clear that openHAB was sending the commands to the controller on time but the controller was rejecting them saying ‘controller busy’ then either the controller would accept the command eventually or OpenHAB would give up.

After thinking about this a lot, i think what was happening was that the command had to go through more than 1 hop and that induced delay. I also theorize that the full command was not making it to its final destination. I think it was somewhat like a game of telephone where some of the command packets get lost or degraded which results in an incomplete activation on the destination side.

To move the controller away from my server, i bought one of these USB to ethernet devices and ran en ethernet line from the server to the place where i put the controller. So far it has worked perfectly.

Hope this helps someone!