Issue with items and Hue Emulator

When attempting to add the TAG to my item i have determined that this item no longer fires when clicked via the hab panel.
Here is the original item

Switch Hotwater "Hot Water Tank" <switch> (Basement) {mqtt=">[home:Base/Hotwater:command:OFF:OFF],>[home:Base/Hotwater:command:ON:ON],<[home:Base/Hotwater:state:MAP(]"}

Here is the item with the TAG from the Hue Emulator Binding

Switch Hotwater "Hot Water Tank" [ "Switchable" ]  <switch> (Basement) {mqtt=[home:Base/Hotwater:command:OFF:OFF],>[home:Base/Hotwater:command:ON:ON],<[home:Base/Hotwater:state:MAP(]"}

Anyone have any ideas?


The parser is probably choking on the syntax of the line. I think if you have another Switch defined below this one, it will no longer work either.

Have you tried the [ “Switchable” ] element at the end of the line?

So i did that and the switch works again but ive not been able to discover the item on my echo. I have ensured that the two are on the same sub net and a listening IP has been configured in the services settings for the hue emulator. Still i am unable to discover the device im trying. Im going to try creating a test item for a light and see if that works to at least see if the binding is working

It would appear as though the binding is not working. I wonder if the echo is only able to pick up one “bridge” as i have a hue light system already. I have them both on the same sub net but am not able to scan for any devices coming from the hue emulator. If anyone has any ideas or could offer some suggestions please let me know.

Did you enable Pairing in the Paper UI?

Configuration -> Services -> IO -> Hue Emulation -> Configure -> Enable Device Pairing

If so, then enable Debug logging or open the OH Console and check for debug info.

One other thing that I’ve encountered is that it appears that the Item that HueE wants to work with does not want the bindingconfig element in the item definition. I then in Paper, or Habmin associate a second item with the primary Item.

itemtype itemname [“labeltext”] [] [(group1, group2, …)] [{bindingconfig}]

In your item, that would be your mqtt element.

So that is great information Toneus however im not sure how you associate two items together? Does this mean that they will both perform the same action when one is either one is activated ?

Yes, you can have two Items linked to the same Channel. This is sometimes easier if you define the two Items in an Items file.

Switch Hotwater "Hot Water Tank" <switch> (Basement) {mqtt=">[home:Base/Hotwater:command:OFF:OFF],>[home:Base/Hotwater:command:ON:ON],<[home:Base/Hotwater:state:MAP(]"}
Switch HUE_Hotwater "Hot Water Tank"   <switch> (Basement) [ "Switchable" ]

I’m assuming you have an Hotwater Item and a Hotwater something Thing defined.

And then in HABmin,
Go To… Configuration -> Things
Highlight Hotwater
Scroll down on the Right and Select Channels
Find the Linked Item Hotwater and click the Blue Link Item to Channel button.
Find the HUE_Hotwater Item and Save

The two Items will now work as a pair activating the Hotwater Thing. The Phrase “Hot Water Tank” is your verbal identifier used in your command.

Sorry im so new to all this haha… I dont have a thing defined when i go to things and try to add i cannot select the hue emulator as the binding to use. Is there a thing file that i need to modify instead? and if so how so?