Issue with MAP Transformation in .items


I´ve got a issue with the MAP Transformation.

Number mowerStatus "Status [MAP(]" 
2018-08-20 21:00:07.675 [WARN ] [al.profiles.MapTransformationProfile] - Please specify a function and a source format for this Profile in the 'function' and 'sourceFormat' parameters, e.g "" and "%s". Returning the original state now.

The transformation works fine for me, but the error message comes very often.

I would be happy for your help!

Do you have this, or whatever your key pairs are, in your transform file? Your item also needs to know what its mapping. Below I’m using map ONOFF when a key pair to be whatever. ON=1 OFF=2

{ mqtt="<[pibroker:home/light/presence:state:MAP(]" }