Issue with mochadx10 binding

I’m having a difficult time functioning this binding. I can check my hardware via a telnet prompt:

echo “rf a2 on” | nc localhost 1099

That works all day. I’ve created an item and no luck getting it to function

Switch Light_GF_Living_Main “ABC” (GF_Living){mochadx10=“a2:rf”}

I’ve tried setting the hostip in config to
with no luck. If I watch the log file, I get the following every time I try to switch the light:

2016-01-20 04:05:12.099 [WARN ] [t.i.s.MapTransformationService] - Could not find a mapping for ‘-’ in the file ‘’.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian. I’m talking to the RP2 via the webapp utilizing the demo setup. Is this something obvious that I’m missing?


I had luck getting it working by restarting the OpenHab server

sudo service openhab restart