Issue with recent build of OH2, items not appearing after being loaded

Hey all,

I just decided to upgrade my openhab to the newest build, but in the PAPER interface, nothing is showing up in the controls. I checked and nothing is there either.

But I did a fresh install, loaded in the extensions, installed the items from the inbox. And its just blank. I cannot figure out whats going on.

I’ve tried this on a Mac and Raspberry Pi, exact some result.

I see my two test items when I open THINGS. They claim to be online in the paper interface. But I don’t see them anywhere else.

Is there an issue with the most recent build?

EDIT: Adding a video fo my exact problem.

I loaded the latest offline snapshot yesterday and nothing unusual except that PaperUI and Classic UI modules were not loaded by default anymore as per some comments in the forum.

Other than that, I don’t see any problem with items pre-created in “things” and “items” folder. They appear on PaperUI\Configuration\Items and Things. May be you should check with ClassicUI and see whether your maps are loaded properly? Perhaps $openhab/userdata/logs/openhab.log could give you some information.

man, this is very strange. I’ll post some more in a minute…

Okay, I’m posting a screencap of my issue. @lsafelix75 let me know if you catch anything in here.

I walking through the whole process, starting at unzipping this on to Mac Mini. This is using alpha 5 (I was having this problem with alpha4 as well, though). The exact same thing happens when I install this on my Raspberry Pi 3 following the instructions on the website.

Hi, you didn’t link the thing channels to an item. For simplifying that go to Configuration -> System -> Item Linking, click on the slider to turn on “Simple Mode” and click the save button.
Afterwards go back to the thing and click the radio button next to the channel you would like to add.
Then you should see your item on the control site.


Thank you Christian!

Is this new? I don’t remember having to do this before. Did this change in beta4?

Also, what’s the benefit in doing that? Is it just that if you have complex systems set up, its easier to reconnect Things to Items than it is to re-write your rules/code themselves?

I’m not sure when exactly this was implemented, but imho this is a better solution than automatically adding ALL thing channels. I.e. my Zwave things have lots of channels I usually don’t need, so I had to remove all of them in previous snapshots one by one…
What would be nice though is the “Simple Mode” for item linking as a default.

One more thing: if you define your items via config file, these are automatically linked to the discovered things when you copy the files to a new installation (i.e. after an upgrade).