Issue with rollershutter level definition


I have integrated 3 Homematic rollershutter HM-LC-BI1-FM - Funk-Jalousieaktor into my OH2 environment.
All the configs are done (time stopped for up and down and added to Paper UI Things and in the CCU)

They are working fine via CCU and OH so far (running up and down) but when I try to give them a percentage to run like item.sendCommand (50) they go nearly to the top and stopped. The same for 30 etc.
When I try these percentages in the CUU the rollershutter closes half with 50% and goes down to 1/3 with 30%.

Is there any mapping necessary for sending the commands from OH to CCU?
The funny thing is, that I let display the current level for the rollershutter and it shows the correct leven (50% or 30%).

Did I miss anything? The logfile gives me also no needful hints.