Issue with Siri sharing Homekit

Hello, I have been using Openhab2 for a short time and maybe I am forgetting something.
I have Openhab2 installed on a raspberry pi 3 with binding KNX and Homekit working.
Everything works perfectly on my device, I can act on the whole house using Siri voice commands. The problem comes when I share from iOS with my wife. She is able to run the whole house through the iOS “Home” app, so the integration with Homekit works well, but when she tries to activate scenes with her voice, Siri is not able to find them (on my device work fine all the voice commands). If she wants to turn off the whole room for example through Siri commands it does not work either, but it does to me.
It’s seems that when i share with my wife iOS, all de actions trough the iOS App work fine, all the “Simple” actions (like turn on or off one light, or move one blind) work fine, but when she needs to make more complex actions like turn on 2 lights at the same time o activate a scene, Siri it’s not able to do.
Do you know what the problem may be?