Issue with zwave inclusion

Hi folks,

very strange issue here, I hope you can help me. I’m including all my zwave devices.

openhab 2.3.0 build #1231

z-wave devices:
NODE2 : FGWPF-102 (seen as FGWP-101)
NODE3 : FGWPF-102 (seen as FGWP-101)
NODE4 : FGWPF-102 (seen as FGWP-101)
NODE5 : FGWPF-102 (seen as FGWP-101)
NODE6 : FGWPF-102 (seen as FGWP-101)
NODE7 : LC-13 Danfoss Radiator Thermostat
NODE8 : LC-13 Danfoss Radiator Thermostat
NODE9 : FGWPF-102 (seen as FGWP-101)
NODE10 : LC-13 Danfoss Radiator Thermostat
NODE11 : LC-13 Danfoss Radiator Thermostat
NODE12 : LC-13 Danfoss Radiator Thermostat

Consider I’ve reset the controller before starting the inclusion of NODE2.

First strange thing:

  • NODE9 has been included before NODE12

then I’ve tried to include another FGWPF-102, and from the DEBUG I’m seeing:

2018-03-18 23:17:05.174 [DEBUG] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 12: Device discovery resolved to thingType wave:fibaro_fgwp101_00_000

Uopssss … but in PaperUI and also HABmin I can see clearly the NODE12 is the Danfoss, and not the Fibaro Plugin. If I change the temperature on the Danfoss, the set point is also changed in openHAB.

So, we have two devices as NODE12 … but for openHAB this is Danfoss, and if I try to include the Fibaro plugin I can’t see anything in INBOX (no unknown devices … nothing …)

How to solve this piece?

Another issue is the zwave network seems not totally stable … randomly I can see some endpoints OFFLINE … but they are not … But let’s try to solve this on next episode :slight_smile:

thanks for your support

@chris I’ve found a solution for NODE12 (deleted, created a new NODE12 with Fibaro Wall Plug, then added a NODE13 for the Danfoss), but still experiencing stability issues on my zwave network (randomly some devices are OFFLINE).

Any suggestion how to troubleshoot?

thanks for any suggestion