Issues configuring a few ZWave things

As I am migrating from OH1 to OH2, I am having a few issues with 2 (out of 30) ZWave devices. They show in the inbox, but they do not want to initialise. In the log I get this:

2020-05-23 18:03:41.961 [WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 33: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! Manufacturer data not known.
2020-05-23 18:03:41.966 [WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 39: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! Manufacturer data not known.

Device 39 is a Fibaro flood sensor FGFS101, exactly like another one that I have that works well—this is taken from the other one:

dbReference	392
defaultAssociations	1
manufacturerId	010F
manufacturerRef	0B00:1001,0B01:1002,0B01:1003,0B01:2002,0B01:3002
modelId	FGFS101
vendor	Fibargroup
versionMax	23.0
versionMin	3.2

Unfortunately, I cannot initialise device 39. I tried waking it many times, ensured battery is good, gave it a few hours, took the Gen5 stick out of the host to exclude and include manually (not in secure mode) and exclude again. In all cases the stick’s LEDs confirm successful inclusion/exclusion. I also did a factory reset of the flood sensor. I still cannot initialise or add it!

I was hoping to find some ZWave UI in either Paper UI or HABmin to full delete the device from the database and include again. I cannot find it—where is the UI for doing that in OH2?

Device 33 is a phantom leftover from a couple of years ago: a device that I had factory reset but could not remove at the time in OH1. I suspect it might be a replica of one of my other devices, perhaps even a working one, if that is at all possible. I would like to remove it from the database.

To add to my woes, whenever I tried to put the ZWave stick into exclusion mode using the Paper UI —which, by the way, is hard to find taking 7 steps to get there: Configuration/Things/ZWave Controller/Edit/Show More/Exclude Devices/Save—I get error “Conflict 409” and this gets logged:

2020-05-23 19:18:11.472 [INFO ] [st.core.internal.thing.ThingResource] - Received HTTP PUT request for update configuration at 'things/zwave:serial_zstick:controller/config' for an unmanaged thing 'zwave:serial_zstick:controller'.

I also get that error if I tried to edit the “location” property of the ZWave stick in the UI.

I also tried in HABmin, and I also get the same logged error for both actions.

I was also hoping to see a ZWave network diagram in HABmin, just as I do in OH1. Unfortunately, that screen is always blank:

If I press the Device Tools button, nothing comes up.

Is my ZWave controller in a sick state? If I reboot into OH1 I can see the network diagram, however, I still have the issue of that “phantom” device 33. At this stage I suspect 39 (the flood sensor) will be in a confused state, too.

Other than those issues the ZWave network works well and I can control all other devices. Do I need to do a factory reset on the stick and reinclude all of my devices again? Do I need to exclude them first? Because of access issues, this will not be easy. Ideally, I would like to try a software approach first, if possible.

Many thanks for any pointers…

This normally means that the binding has not managed to talk to the device to download the manufacturer data. I know you’ve tried waking the devices up, but generally this indicates that it’s not talking - this can only be confirmed with logging.

I guess you are using thing files? Unfortunately there’s a lot you can’t do with the UI if you are using files as OH will block you from making any configuration changes. Unfortunately this means you can’t use exclusion mode (or any device configuration) if you are using files to configure your system. I tried to get this changed a few times, but it’s just not something the maintainers would allow.

Thank you, @chris. How can I enable to additional logging to see what is happening?

Yes, but only for Items. I have followed your advice to use UI for Things discovery (for ZWave) and I have only used UI to configure them. Once I have the Thing, I continue the Item set-up in a file. Does this mean I cannot use the GUI at all?

There is a section in the binding docs that explains this.

No - this should (I think) work ok. The error clearly states though that the reason for not allowing the update is the controller is an “unmanaged thing” which indicates that the system thinks it is configured through files.

Why could that be? The only other reference to zwave that I have in files is in the addons.cfg where I have listed zwave on the binding= line as per the OH1 to OH2 migration guide. Should I remove it from there and install the binding via the UI? Will it lose my things?

I’m not sure.

Just to be clear - you added the controller using the UI as well, and didn’t define this in a things file?

Oh dear—no. I have added the controller in a .things file because I had to enter the rfc2217:// port, which, at the time, I could not create in the UI. Does it mean I should get rid of the .things entry for the controller and add it in the UI (hopefully rfc2217 is allowed now)?

Will I lose all my already configured Things that used the controller as its ZWave bridge?

Up to you, but that’s the cause of the error, so if you want to change something in the controller, you will need to change this.

I don’t think so.

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Thank you, @chris. I will try that. Will this give me access to HABmin’s ZWave network viewer, too?

I have removed the ZWave stick from the Things file, and I have added it using the UI, giving it the same device ID as it had before. I am glad to say that it is working and I have not lost any of my ZWave devices. Also, just as you explained @chris, I now have access to some ZWave functions in the UI that I could not access before. Unfortunately, they did not help me resolve the 3 outstanding issues.

First of all, I still cannot see the ZWave map in HABmin. The screen is blank as per screenshot above.

Secondly, I still can neither remove, add, include, exclude or reset the Fibaro flood sensor, device ID 39. I have turned on logging as per documentation, and then, using your log viewer, I can see this:

No amount of waking the device or pressing its buttons gets me past this stage.

Finally, regarding my phantom device 33, which may be the same one or not, this is what I see in the log:

Identical to 39.

Any suggestions at all? Many thanks.

Both the logs you show here are exactly the same, and for node 33 so I’m a little confused - sorry.

That is exactly the issue I am trying to troubleshoot. Device 33 is a “phantom” I think of another device, I suspect, of 39. I do not understand why it shows up as the only physical device that I have that is not associated with anything working is, indeed, device 39, the Fibaro flood sensor.

What I am hoping to do is to remove them both (33 and 39) from the configuration memory, do a full factory reset (again) on the sensor, then include it normally. Where I am stuck is that I am unable to remove them… I suppose this is my misunderstanding of how things work in ZWave. Are those two IDs coming from the physical devices, or is it possible that they are somehow in the ZWave controller’s database? Is there a way to see what is in the database? And is it possible to see those device actual addresses?

Ok, sorry, but I’m confused… The two logs are EXACTLY the same - ie same node, at the same time - they are exactly the same image.

I don’t really know what you mean here. If you are receiving node 33 messages, then node 33 exists. If you’re not receiving node 39 messages, then I’d suggest it doesn’t exist.

If you reset the devices, then they will stop sending data. You will then need to remove them from the controller using either HABmin or the Silabs controller tools. The device must not be working for this to work - if the device is still sending data, you cannot simply delete it from the controller and you will instead need to exclude it using the exclude option in HABmin.

Again, I’m a bit confused as I only see node 33 here, but in any case, this log entry above is generated by a device.

What database? You mean the list of nodes in the network - the binding logs this on startup.

The binding should log this on startup

They are exactly the same, except for the node ID—I have highlighted it in this screenshot:

…one is 33 and the other one is 39. I do not understand if I am actually receiving data from them or if they are “stuck” in the controller’s internal database (if such a thing exists) somehow. I have not been able to associate them successfully and I do not know, even, if they are the device I think they are. I was hoping to just delete them from the controller and then add the flood sensor again.

I suppose the only way I can do it is by adding them as a Thing (even though they will not respond to any of the NIF requests etc) and then to use HABmin to “remove” them from the controller?

Any ideas as to why I cannot see the ZWave network map?

Many thanks for your help, @chris.

Sorry - I missed that there were a few milliseconds difference here. I’ve no real expanation of that.

There’s no real database - the binding simply reports what nodes are in the network - the binding logs this on startup (as mentioned above), but it is just the node number - there’s no way to know if there are any duplicates. Did you check the logs as mentioned?

Not really - maybe the neighbours aren’t updated, or maybe there’s a browser problem - hard to say without more information.

Thank you. For what it is worth, having done a factory reset of device 39 (the Fibaro flood sensor) I have been able to add it to the network. It now has ID 42 and I am happy to report that it works well. However, if I search for new things using the ZWave binding (Paper UI/Inbox/+/ZWave/wait a little) I can see that both id 33 and 39 come back to it. How is that possible? They are all the same device, which now has id of 42, so how come 33 and 39 are showing up? This makes me think that there is some internal database, perhaps inside the controller (Aeotec Gen5) that brings them up. Is that possible? You mentioned SiLabs as a source of tool I could use to dig into that—what should I install to try?

Basically, I am wondering if the stick is in a confused state having been moved from a working (but old) OH1 to OH2. Will I need to reset the stick and reinclude all devices to clean it up? That would be painful. :frowning:

Thank you, @chris, for your continued patience with my questions. A couple more on their way…

Oh, I just checked both in Safari and in Firefox and there are no page errors in the Console and other dev tools when I access the network viewer. Still no viewer, as also mentioned in this new thread: ZWave: No Map and a Queue Full Message

If you reset the device, and re-include it, it will be allocated a new ID. This is perfectly normal and your stick is not in a confused state. I think I’ve mentioned this earlier, but you need to remove these nodes either using HABmin or the the Silabs controller software.

The stick is not confused - it’s just the way that ZWave works. You don’t need to reset the stick.

Thank you, again, @chris. I have tried removing them, but I fail to do that. I tried adding them as a Thing—they remain in the Unknown state, by the way—and then I used the “Remove from controller” option in HABmin, but that did not remove them. Is there another way of removing them? Sorry to be asking for so much help… As for Silabs: is it the “ZWave PC Programmer” that I need?

No - it’s ZWave PC Controller. I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s only available through Simplicity Studio.