Issues displaying StringItem in BasicUI

Hi folks,

setting up my sitemap I today discovered some issues in the representation of String Items.
Release is openHAB2.2.0 stable.

1) Item value displayed although not configured when mapping String Item as Swtich

String aWzAvrPlayback  "Playback" { channel="yamahareceiver:..." }
Switch item=aWzAvrPlayback label="Fernbedienung" icon="remote" mappings=["Play"="Play", "Pause"="Pause", "Stop"="Stop"] visibility=[aWzAvrInput=="Bluetooth"]


I wanna show just the buttons and not the additional state text left to the buttons.
In the label definitions I used no square brackets for state presentation field.
This works fine for other item types (e.g. Switch, Dimmer) but apparently not for String.

2) Item with autoupdate="false" gets updated anyway

String aWzHubSub "Subwoofer" { channel="harmonyhub:...", autoupdate="false" }
Switch item=aWzHubSub label="Subwoofer" mappings=[VolumeDown="-", VolumeUp="+"] icon="soundvolume"


After pressing the “-” button it is highlighted what it shouldn’t. Only after leaving the window and coming back both buttons are grey again. And again this works fine for a push button with a SwitchItem.

In addition you can see here also problem No.1

Can anybody else confirm this?


Some more information:

  1. Firefox 57.0.1 (64-Bit, OS: Ubuntu 16.04) => both issues present
  2. Chromium 63.0.3239.84 (64-Bit, OS: Ubuntu 16.04) => both issues present
  3. Chrome 63.0.3239.111 (OS: Android 7.0) => both issues present
  4. HABDroid (OS: Android 7.0) => only issue 1
  5. ClassicUI (same system and browser as 1) => only issue 1

=> Issue 1 seems to not only affect BasicUI but all sitemap-based UI’s
=> Issue 2 only affects BasicUI

Just use label="xxxx []"

:+1: Works. Thx. Issue 1 gone.

But: I wonder if it should work this way or is nevertheless a bug and your solution is a kind of workaround?