Issues Notifications - Pop Up

I would like to throw out a usability enhancement that could save folks some time and heartache. What about adding a high level issues listing by binding within paper ui or habmin? For example, with the recent zwave issues, i was in the middle of my conversion from 1.8 to 2.0 and fully expected my issues to be my own ignorance, not a binding issue. After many hours and attempts, i weed through the forums and find that at the bottom of a 1000+ post there is a current issue with the zwave binding.

It would be nice to have a notification panel or pop up within the UIs to clearly identify current and active binding issues,especially broad impacting ones. Add the ability to link from the issue item to the relative posts would further help. Possibly a tie in with the issues/bug tracking list? If it is binding based, then the user would only see issues associated with the bindings they are using and cut down on the noise. This would save time for the user as well as the many polite and helpful folks that take time to respond to the forums on issues.

Thanks for considering,