Issues with number precision

I am using openHAB 2.4.0 stable and a CCU3 with the newest firmware. Devices are all HM IP. Everything has been configured with PaperUI.

Basically, the Homematic binding works nicely, with some minor issues regarding number values. I’d like to ask here if this is known or if there is a fix or if I should open an issue.

I cannot set a dimmer to 100%. I see the command in the logs, but the CCU3 does nothing. I can set it to 0% - 99% without problems.

The reported dimmer value from the CCU3 is often one less in openHAB. For example, the dimmer is at 20% but it’s 19% in openHAB. 100% is 99%. But 60% is correct.

Same thing for level (valve) of a thermostat. When it’s 53% in the CCU3, it is 52% in openHAB.

The SetPointTemperature of a thermostat has 2 decimal points. 1 would be enough.

The ActualTemperature of a thermostat has 0 decimal points. It should have 1.