Issues with OH2 and homekit

Hello everyone,
I have and important issue. I’m trying to control my light bulbs with homekit. If I’m trying to switch on or off all the lights at once it works, but when I try to dimmer all of them or change color it doesn’t work.
Also the major issue is that I’m able to control one light at time (switch, dimmer and color) , but I can’t set the color to white (eg I’m going from blue to white), unless I set it on the sitemap.
How can I solve this issues?

This is the Items File:

//Group lights
Group MilightrgbLed0color

Color MilightrgbLed0color "Tutte le luci" <colorpicker> [ "Lighting" ]  {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23BE9692:0:ledcolor"}
Color MilightrgbLed1color "Scrivania" <colorpicker> (MilightrgbLed0color) [ "Lighting" ]  {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23BE9692:1:ledcolor"}
Color MilightrgbLed2color "Divano" <colorpicker> (MilightrgbLed0color) [ "Lighting" ]  {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23BE9692:2:ledcolor"}
Color MilightrgbLed3color "Sinistra" <colorpicker> (MilightrgbLed0color) [ "Lighting" ]  {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23BE9692:3:ledcolor"}
Color MilightrgbLed4color "Destra" <colorpicker> (MilightrgbLed0color) [ "Lighting" ]  {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23BE9692:4:ledcolor"}

“MilightrgbLed0color” already controls all the lights but it’s working only on the sitemap, in homekit it acts like a switch.

This is the rules file

rule "Change all states"
      Item MilightrgbLed0color changed
      MilightrgbLed0color.members.forEach[light| light.postUpdate(MilightrgbLed0color.state)]

Controls the changing of state in the sitemap

Try removing the rule file, and verify the light changes work the way you expect. If they do, then it’s likely the problem is in your rule file.

Removing the rule solved partially the problem. Now the “MilightrgbLed0color” can control all parameters but the other lights don’t change their state (MilightrgbLed0color icon is ON, 100% brightness, color blue, the others are OFF even if the light bulbs are On).
I also have not solved the issue of changing from color to white.