ISY994i-ZW, will openhab do zwave on this or no?

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Can someone provide a definitive answer as to whether openhab2 can do zwave through the ISY994i-ZW or not, without having to design and program a new binding/device/whatever. I hesitate to say ‘out-of-the-box’ because I understand that some setup and config work will be required, but I’m not yet ready to do APIs and RESTs and all that sort of thing.



It is not listed in our device database at

I see this can work as a Z-Wave controller. @chris would be the best person to answer this since he is the developer for Z-Wave & Zigbee.

There is also an ISY binding, but i’m not sure if it works for the zwave functionality or just the insteon stuff. @craigh is the developer I believe of that binding

Thanks. The ISY binding reads like it’s insteon only.

thank you. and thank you for the link.

I noticed it is a version 1 binding. many of those will not be updated and some have been abandoned. There is some talk about not having the version 1 compatibility layer in openHAB 3.

The ISY binding is available in the market place and is labeled as v.1 but it is a 2.4 binding. I run it in my system and it works great for Insteon devices. I am not certain that the binding supports Zwave but I don’t believe that it does.

It is unlikely this will work with the Zwave binding. The Zwave binding works through serial devices (e.g. USB dongles) and this box appears to be a stand alone hub with TCP/IP access.

The most current version of the ISY binding is posted on the Universal Devices forum. It does not support zWave in its current iterations. The current binding has seen any development or support for quite a while.

I have been working on a ISY Homie connecter that is a work in progress. I have been waiting for OH2.5 and fixes in the new MQTT binding before doing more work. It would be relatively easy for me to add zWave devices is there interest.

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hm. Well, since I started the thread, I guess I’ll weigh in and say the zwave+ would be a nice to have.

That said, I’ve decided that for my use case the ISY is not particularly useful (almost all my stuff is zwave except for my dimmers, the USB PLM and an insteon remote) so I’m probably going to ebay it.

Thanks to all.