It is really a fact that OPENhab offers **no way to display viable charts** .?

It is really a fact that OPENhab offers no way to display viable charts ?

What about HABmin chart editor. Shouldn’t that be appropriate? (but is not running at the moment)

As far as I’ve seen, should Grafana also work with mysql or not? (but not part of OPENhab)

Openhab offers on its sitemaps a chart element to display data? If you don’t like the built in chart element, you can insert in a sitemap or in Habmin any chart renderer you want. You can also insert a Grafana chart, which you obviously have to create in Grafana first…I don’t get your point why you are offending OH on this topic?

I think that’s a misinterpretation.

I’m even very excited about OPENhab.
Because there are so many powerful functions,
I thought all the time that I could not (yet) find the function for diagrams I was looking for.
In HABmin I find the approach to diagrams very good, But the function in OPENhab 2.5.2 is currently crashing!
in any case, the user has to work very carefully because a large number of influencing factors play a role. and information on the network is not always complete and sometimes it is not (completely) correct.

To the grafana:
I chose mariaDB / mysql for many reasons. Everywhere I read that GRAFANA should be used with InfluxDB. But I also saw that mysql should work.
ALSO: additional packages, dependency which offers a certain risk of interactions.

An example:
OPENHAB uses port 8080 if (like me) ConBee II is installed as standard (as described in the network), port 8080 is used twice. you have to change the parameters to port 8090 in good time. etc …


I’m using grafana with mariadb data from openhab since few years without any issues. So this is definitely working. Regarding performance for really big queries influxdb as backend might be a little bit faster but that shouldn’t matter for most use cases