iTach Flex Serial Control

Has any one been able to adapt the Global Cache GC100 binding to a Globe Cache iTach Flex ethernet device?

Hey Steve - Do you get anywhere with serial iTach Flex?

@gmoneyman, no not yet. I don’t really know where to start because I’m not sure what would be different for serial commands vs. the IR commands the current binding is written for.

I did not try the Global Cache because it was a different device. I was thinking on using TCP or Exec. I find this on the old Google group.!topic/openhab/1rdCSaTu2d0
Markus got it working for IR but I can not get it working for serial, This may work for you.

Could you tell me if the Global Cache iTach Flex Wi-Fi (Flex-WF) is compatible with the Global Cache GC100 binding?. I want to buy a Flex-WF.
Thanks for your help.


@mhilbush has graciously created an OH2 binding specifically for the iTach devices. This binding is yet to be added to the distribution but it seems to work pretty reliably with my iTach Flex units.

@marlon-alvarez, If you decide to give it a try, I’d appreciate any feedback, such as issues, areas for improvement, usefulness of documentation, etc.

I’m using the binding for IR with quite a few devices, as well as serial with my Russound CAA66. FYI, currently, the serial is one-way only (i.e. OH to the device).

Just installed on OH2 with an iTach-IP2IR. First few devices are working great. Many thanks @mhilbush

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Is 2 way serial communications on the road map for this binding? I’d be happy to test if it is!

Yes, I have a 2-way version in my dev environment. But, it’s not quite ready to be tested.