ITEAD Sonoff switches and sockets - cheap ESP8266 Wifi+MQTT hardware

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@ThomDietrich I will appreciate if you find some time to add this to the wiki. I’m back home after some travel and simply don’t have enough time.

This hardware looks fantastic, much cheaper than the Zwave sockets I’ve been buying over the last year or so. I’m very interested in energy consumption monitoring and from what I can see the Sonoff Pow isn’t available with UK pins and socket, it’s a relay that you wire inline between the device you want to control/monitor and the mains. If I wanted to make a portable Sonoff Pow switch would I need to wire a plug and socket to it (which is no trouble) or is there a Sonoff Pow available with UK pins on it already? I’ve looked on ebay and Amazon but not found anything.

The Sonoff Pow is not available with plug and socket. In order to get a “portable” version, you can mount one onto an extension cord:

That’s what I’ve done to not need to cut the cable of a fridge.

I had a feeling that would be the case but thought I’d ask just in case. Thanks for the info.

I just bought one on Ebay for £10! The cheapest Zwave device I know of with equivalent functionality is the Greenwave Powernode at £15 each but you need to buy ten at once to get the unit price:

I’ve bought all my modules from Itead directly.
With the wait time and VAT, £10 is a great price :wink:

For whoever might be interested in that…

Sonoff TH16 and POW Recall Notice

here is a production defect in a small minority of Sonoff TH16 and POW that were produced from Dec 2016 to Jan 2017

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ESP Easy - show must go on :wink:
We’ve got a successor:
Just updated my NodeMCU - works great.

At the same time Arendst keeps doing a great job and I see that NodeMCU got support in Sonoff-Tasmota firmware. Lots of possibilities.

These sonoff things are great!
And I second using MQTT and Tasmota. It might indeed be yet another binding, yet another piece of software running on the server. I felt reluctant to add yet another part to my openhab patchwork but if it works as reliable as this: why not.

As posted elsewhere I have added my doorbell to openhab, using Tasmota firmware and mqqt binding , next stop: adding a sonoff to my garage door door opener (including open indication).

That is one of my next projects …

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After: Ringer is connected to transformer, so powering the transformer makes the bell ring. Pressing the doorbell notifies the Sonoff, Sonoff powers the transfomer.

is what I was looking for!


Welcome, glad I am finally providing some answers in stead of only asking questions :slight_smile:


Anyone with python experience around? We are looking for someone to build an automated Sonoff flash script.

I will give it a look/try, but I cannot promise anything :smiley:

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Great! Could you also say that in the issue?


I have some sonoff with ESPEasy installed. While they’re working fine, i want to try Arendts’ Tasmota. Can I flash Tasmota bin firmware using inbuilt ESPEasy firmware update utility (web interface)?


I think so… probably… just try. Whatever the tool does, it will not destroy the ESP (without warranty :blush: )

Update on the ITEAD recall of Sonoff Pow and Sonoff TH16.

I ordered two sonoff pow switches a few days before ITEAD published the worldwide recall. I contacted banggood custor service for a refund sending them pictures of my switches. The answer was kind of deceiving though. According to what ITEAD told to Banggood customer service, in fact, if the seal on Sonoff Pow switches is broken, the warranty is void. Moreover, the date on the seal does not necessarily indicate the production date. In practice, they will only refund damaged switches that have not been opened.

I opened my switch in order to program it with Arendst sonoff-tasmota firmware and I noticed that the amount of tin is identical to the images published on the ITEAD website ( I therefore recommend to owners of these switches to be careful in their applications.
In my case I will try to monitor the temperature of the PCB on the bench.

It could be interesting to compare pictures of the PCBs for “potentially defective” and “non defective” switches. If you have an early sonoff pow switch (i.e. produced before decembre 2016) please post here a picture of the PCB (unless the OP judges that this is Off Topic). In any case, I think that these devices are not well designed for 16A. The case is too small. In fact I had some trouble connecting two 16A rated cables to the switches: the holes for holding the two cables are simply too small unless you remove the outside insulator.


I was wondering about their safety, especially in absence of any electrical certification. With the Raspberry Pi Zero WiFi out at $10 now, I’m thinking that and a Crydom SSR might be a much better way to go, even over a Huzzah ESP8266

The missing certificate was bugging me too but hacking something together yourself will probably not be better nor cheaper… I’m a tinkerer in heart but it’s also nice to be able to buy a finished solution from stock for a reasonable price. To me these devices look well designed, I’d maybe not drive them with constant 16A though.

Of course not. Gogogo!