Item created as thing?

hello Guys…

When creating a item online with the things discover, like a Hue bulb or something - is there a way for getting these items into the item file - so it is possible to remember the name of all those devices???

Else could be hard to remember them - or how do you guys do that?

Turn off Simple Mode. This will prevent the Items from being automatically created. Then you can manually create the Items and give them meaningful names either by creating .items files or in PaperUI through the Items menu (if you have Simple Mode turned on there will be no Items menu). Once created, you can link them to the Channel on the Thing. I think there is even a shortcut that will let you create the Item when you try to create the Link from the Thing’s PaperUI page.

There is no way to create .items files from Items that are automatically created or created through PaperUI or the REST API.

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