Item disappears from Model when Expiration Timer is added

Running OH 3.0.1 and I have an item set up as semantic class none as a member of one of my equipment groups. As soon as I add an expiration timer to that item it will vanish from the model view completely despite checking the show non semantic box. This error doesn’t seem to occur if the item has no parent group or if the item is assigned its own semantic class. Let me know if you need more info to reproduce - it is pretty simple and straightforward i think.

Did you define the item by item file?
If so, maybe my answer is too simple, but did you use the right order: (group) first than {expire} ? At least this could explain the observed behaviour.

Hi Frank - I actually did this both ways. Most recent I had recreated the item using the UI and then confirmed its visibility. As soon as I added the expiration metadata it vanished. (all done via ui)

Well, if it isn’t tagged semantically then the Item isn’t a part of the model. So it shouldn’t show up in the model unless “show non semantic” is checked. If it is showing up when it’s not checked, with or without the expire metadata added that is a bug.

Just to make sure, the Item itself is still there in the Items settings, right?

If so, there is at least one bug here, perhaps two. File an issue on the openhab-webuis repo.

Thanks for the reply - I apologize if I wasn’t clear - I am talking that the item is gone even when the "show non semantic’ box is checked if it has a parent group. The item does show up in the full items list. Please see attached image - ‘wake_trigger_light’ item is visible as a member of the group but not shown in the other view despite having checked the show non semantic box. For reference - the wake_triggger_alarm point also has an expire timer set up but it does show on the list thanks to being given a semantic type. Hope this helps.