Item don't update mqtt status

hi everybody. i ve some number items (temperature items) that without any resason stop to update their status. the rpi with raspbian it’s running from may without problems.
i 've see in mqtt explorer that the mqtt message are ok, the topic and message are correctly update in broker. only reboot of rpi resolve the problem but after 1 or 2 or 5 days this items stop to update. this items are persisted by influxdb but i have try to make an item not persisted but the issues log there aren’t error or something of strange


Please post the setup of the Channels linked to the Items in question (post the content of the Code Tab).
Do the devices send state updates regularly?

hi opus .this is my setup

Bridge mqtt:broker:Brokermqtt “MQTT Broker raspberry” [ host=“”, port=1883,secure=false]
Thing topic sonde “sonde” {
Type number : Sonda1puffer “sonda 1 puffer” [ stateTopic= “esp/sonde/1”]
Type number : Sonda2puffer “sonda 2 puffer” [ stateTopic= “esp/sonde/2”]
Type number : Sonda3puffer “sonda 3 puffer” [ stateTopic= “esp/sonde/3”]
Type number : Sonda4puffer “sonda 4 puffer” [ stateTopic= “esp/sonde/4”]
Type number : Sonda5puffer “sonda 5 puffer” [ stateTopic= “esp/sonde/6”]

and this is the item

Number sondapuffer1 "sonda puffer 1" { channel="mqtt:topic:Brokermqtt:sonde:Sonda1puffer" }
Number sondapuffer2 "sonda puffer 2" { channel="mqtt:topic:Brokermqtt:sonde:Sonda2puffer" }
Number sondapuffer3 "sonda puffer 3" { channel="mqtt:topic:Brokermqtt:sonde:Sonda3puffer" }
Number sondapuffer4 "sonda puffer 4" { channel="mqtt:topic:Brokermqtt:sonde:Sonda4puffer" }
Number sondapuffer5 "sonda puffer 5" { channel="mqtt:topic:Brokermqtt:sonde:Sonda5puffer" }

yes the devices send updates every minute.