Item from 1.9 binding in OH2/Habpanel

I have integrated a few items from 2.0 bindings (Z-Wave devices, Homematic Devices, Samsung TV, Kodi, …) working very well. But how do I add items from 1.9 bindings like my Denon AV receiver to Habpanel? Can I manually add them in the PaperUI?
Is there a possibility to structure the list of items in the PaperUI? After adding a few things it really becomes a bit messy. And I have only started adding a few items for testing before migrating my Fibaro equipment (20 devices) over to OH2.

No, you can’t use PaperUI for that… You should use *.items files to define your items that are bound to a 1.x Binding.

No :slight_smile:
It’s only a flat list…

And how can I use these items in Habpanel?

You can use their item name in HABPanel (example: add a switch widget and select the openHAB Item that you want to appear there

Ahhhh. I was not aware that I can type items names. I just thought I can chose from the drop down …