Item Groups and persistence


in my OpenHab runtime are one photovoltaic system and different consumers (light, heating, rollershutter…). I’ll switch off consumers, when the input on the pv-system is low.
The values of the pv-system and the different consumers will be saved in the database correctly.

Also I had defined one item group with 3 energy consumers with name gStromWatt defined:
Group:Number:SUM gStromPower “Momentaner Stromverbrauch (Power) [%.1f Watt]” (gPersistUpdate,gNetzwerk) [“NetworkAppliance”]

I wrote In my conf/persistence/persist- file this entry:
gStromPower : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup

But the group-item will not persist. There is no table and no values in the database.
I’d tried gStromPower with and without “*” on the end of the word with no luck.
What I do wrong?


This should put more light on your question.