Item httpbind openhab3

did not find anything about it in the documentation or in this community.

In v2 I used items like

Number Weather_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]"  <temperature>  (Weather) { http="<[]" }

but this doesn’t seem to work in V3. No logs, no debug output. Item stays NULL.

Can anyone help?



That is an HTTP 1.x version binding config. 1.x version bindings are not compatible with OH 3. You need to use the HTTP 2.x+ version binding.

ok, thanks. I found this page already. But perhaps I need to go one step back.
So items are still there in openhab3. But I can’t fill them directly by http-binding?

Where Do I have to define the url.baseURL-object? Is it a thing now?

You now need to use the concept of Things with their Channels, and link those to your Items. Easiest thing to do is use the UI to create all this, but you can do it through configuration files. There are a number of examples already in the forum.

I think I got it. Found a video with an example which I couldn’t find in the documentation.

Yeah, if you know what you have to search for, it’s easy. So hopefully this thread will help others with the same question. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!