Item is set to 0 immediately after update since 2.1

After upgrading to 2.1. I noticed one Item being set to 0 immediately after receiving some non-zero value. The item is connected to the “power” channel of an AVM Powerline 546E device. Unfortunately the time between the two events (receiving non-zero value and being reset to zero) is too short for any rule to fire.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

2017-07-01 15:32:25.446 [ItemStateEvent ] - wm_power updated to 1.640
2017-07-01 15:32:25.534 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - wm_power changed from 1.640 to 0
2017-07-01 15:32:25.551 [ItemStateEvent ] - wm_power updated to 0
2017-07-01 15:32:25.669 [ItemStateEvent ] - wm_power updated to 0

Hey Johannes,

do you use the FRITZ!Powerline in Standalone mode (thing type FRITZ_Powerline_546E_Solo) or not (thing type FRITZ_Powerline_546E)?

Would you be so kind to post your items file or an abstract of your log file. Thx.

Hi Christoph,

I was able to solve the probleme last evening. And it had indeed something to do with your question. I had used the standalone mode and it worked in OH2.0

When I switched to FRITZ_Powerline_546E everything worked fine in OH2.1 as well. If you are still interested in the item file or log files, let me know. I can post them later today.

Thanks for your help and your work!

Nice, I am glad you got it running.

I asked because I know there is a bug in the method which updates the channel states in the standalone configuration. I fixed it with PR #2363, which is already merged and will be available in upcoming snapshot soon:

Great to hear, thanks again!