Item Location Truncating X places after the decimal point

I have numerous Tiles that are returning Location back to Items.

I run rules when the Item changes based on lat/long changing. The issue at hand is how many decimals points it goes out with the Location item.

Here’s an example of a keys and a suitcase that hasn’t moved but based on what Alexa device pings them changes the lat/long just slightly which invokes a rule showing they moved.

43.05434,-89.23901 to 43.054482,-89.238739
43.054482,-89.238739 to 43.05434,-89.23901

What I think will help is to only trigger movement if we only look at the last 3-4 positions after the decimal vs. this random length I get after the decimal.

Is there way to define the Location Item to truncate after 4 positions after the decimal w/o creating a proxy item?

Here’s how it’s defined which is what the documentation shows → [%2$s %3$s %1$sm]

Best, Jay

No, the Location Item is going to get what the binding sends it. You’ll need a proxy Item and a rule