'Item Not Created: 0' error when trying to add a location

Linux: Xeon server, Debian 11, Zulu JRE, OpenHab 3.2.0 installed from apt

New user and just installed the system last week, the website comes up but when I go to ‘Model’ and ‘Add Location’, I set the information for a basement (category has to be ‘cellar’ it seems since basement isn’t recognized) and click ‘Create’… then an error pops up briefly in the bottom-left

‘Item not created: 0’

Great error message there… ultra informative :smiley: … any hints as to WHY?

Is this the only item that you cannot create or do you get this error when trying to create any item?

What does the log show? That will likely be more informative than the toast notification.

It was with any item - I hadn’t tried making it before today.

I did find that the server was not being contacted at all. That got me to look at the javascript console (should have looked there sooner I think). I realized that my proxy config from running it via an nginx reverse proxy was missing asserting the header for ‘X-Forwarded-For’ and proxy buffering ‘off’. I was using an nginx config snippet I use for other systems and hadn’t thought about it. I’m doing that so I can have nginx do the SSL and have my hostname as ‘openhab.mydomain.org’ instead of a port number. Apparently that really messed it up.

So, that’s an important configuration point, I’ve learned now. I do still see a lot of javascript errors in the console, but at least the UI seems to work properly.