Item not exposed on OH-cloud

I am trying to expose item to IFTTT via the UI in the definition of openhab cloud page but the item is not visible in IFTTT, I tried to change the status of the item and also tried to restart OH
I am using opehabian 3.1.0
I would love for someone to help me here

Of interest -

In summary, IFTTT disabled.

Sucks …, I wanted to connect oh to google drive to get the notification when there is a change in folders in google drive

Sucks less than the myopenHAB cloud server crashing every few weeks. :wink:

The thread that @rossko57 linked above covers some alternatives. Another one is to use Beebotte (a cloud-based MQTT broker that has a free plan) as a bridge. You would set up an IFTTT webhook to call Beebotte when Google Drive changes, have Beebotte publish MQTT messages in response, and have OH react to those MQTT messages.

I haven’t done this myself, as I don’t have any need for it.

Beebotte looks promising …
I’ll check it out, thanks.

Let us know how it goes. I’m sure others might be interested if you were to write a brief tutorial.