Item not showing in sitemap, but in GUI setup it works well

Hi all,
i’m struggling for some days already to make my wind-direction item work and show the direction as a string. I’m using the Jeelink binding that provides my angle in degree.

I’m using a scale tranformation i found here in the community. from the screenshot it looks like it should.

[0..11.25] = N
]11.25..33.75] = NNE
]33.75..56.25] = NE
]56.25..78.75] = ENE
]78.75..101.25] = E
]101.25..123.75] = ESE
]123.75..146.25] = SE
]146.25..168.75] = SSE
]168.75..191.25] = S
]191.25..213.75] = SSW
]213.75..236.25] = SW
]236.25..258.75] = WSW
]258.75..281.25] = W
]281.25..303.75] = WNW
]303.75..326.25] = NW
]326.25..348.75] = NNW
]348.75..360] = N
[..] = Unknown Value

I now did add the wind-dir to the items.

Text item=NG5_JeelinkOutsideTX22_WindStrength
Text item=NG5_JeelinkOutsideTX22_WindDIR
Text item=NG5_JeelinkOutsideTX22_WindAngle

but the result is as follows, does not show any Wind-Dir information.
Any idea what i did wrong? Many Thanks! Norbert

Here my item configuraton:

I don’t think the Scale transform works with units and your Item is a Number:Angle meaning it’s value isn’t 315, it’s 315 °. You’ll either need to make this Item a plain Number Item and lose the units, or do the transform using the SCRIPT transformation.

Thannks a lot for your idea and the feedback.

But how can the SCALE work within the item showing up in the config/setup GUI. but not in the sitemap?
I also changed the angle item to simply number, the scaling still works fine but the sitemap does not show anything useful.

You don’t actually show how you are applying the transform. State description metadata? Item label? Text file or UI?

the scaling information is a scale file in the transform folder, the rest is done in the GUI.

OK, so you are using the SCALE as a profile. What about the Item’s State Description pattern?

to be honest, i have no clue what these pattern are used/required for. so not set at all.

Pattern is the same as what you would fill out for the label in a .items file between the [] (e.g. [%s]). Try entering something appropriate there.

yes thanks. the %s in pattern did bring light inty my sitemap.
not totally clear to me why other items just work without any pattern, and this scaled item needs to know the pattern.

But thanks a lot for your patience!!!

There’s usually a default and that default is often pushed by the binding at link time. But by applying the profile the pattern pushed by the profile is no longer valid because the Item type is different. The binding probably pushed %d ° which, of course, is nonsense for a String Item.