Item of typed Number creates decimal

I use the Onkyo binding for controlling my AV. When changing the source, the channel zone1#input returns a number. When I link the item to it, it makes a decimal number of it. So it gets eg 35.0 insead of just 35. As you see, I have a .map linked to the item and offcourse this is not working. Why do I get 35.0? I now changed the item to a String, problem solved, but this is not the way to go I think.

Number    Onkyo_Zone1_Input    "Input Source Z1"    (Onkyo)    ["Control"]    {channel="onkyo:TX-NR717:av:zone1#input", stateDescription="sources"[pattern="MAP("]

You should be able to use %.0f as state description to control the number of digits shown

I don’t think that will help - display presentation of %.0f won’t be applied before the MAP lookup.

There are other occasions where 35/35.0 surprises appear e.g. restore on startup, so it’s best to deal with it rather than circumvent it.

For a MAP, that’s easy -
3 = your text
3.0 = your text

or use a SCALE which works on arithmetic comparisons instead of string lookup