Item references in widget template


I need a very, very basic guidance here, please.

I have successfully referenced the WeatherUnderground items in a widget template using some examples in this forum. In this case, the WeatherUnderground items are in its own items file. Unfortunately, I cannot reference the astro items (e.g. Sunrise_Time) in a similar manner although these items have been appended to the default.items file. Presumably the linkage to the default items is missing in my HABpanel. How do I resolve the linkage between the references in the widget template and the item definitions in the items file (explicitly, I presume?).


This is how I reference a DateTime item (triggered by the astro rise#start channel) in a custom widget:

<td style="vertical-align: top;"><u>{{itemValue('ShuttersOpenKit') | date:'HH:mm'}} Uhr.</u>

Item is a simple:

DateTime ShuttersOpenKit

Thanks for fielding my question. Yes, I do refer to the item in a manner similar to yours. Unfortunately, only the Weather Underground item values are displayed; the Astro item values do not display. In the Paper UI everything is fine per default since I am not explicitly referencing any items.

I suspect that somewhere my Astro binding for the HABpanel widget is incorrect (or gone astray).