Item states not showing in mainUI in Safari browser (but works in Firefox)

When I access mainUI through my Safari browser, item states are not shown, all I get to see is ‘-’ state.

When accessing openHAB mainUI with Firefox on the same computer, then I can see all states.

Same is true when accessing mainUI on my smartphone.

I disabled content bliockers in Safari for the openHAB IP address.

Anything else I can try to get states work again in Safari on MacOS?

Clear browser cache, especially if you have done an upgrade before

I cleared the cache and even reset the Experimental Features to defgault in Safari. Nothing makes the states appear.

In my JavaScript console I get the following error now:

[Debug] updateTrackingList: No connection id, not calling the API (app.eab2460dc8b652f1fc46.js, line 7)

So it appears that the events no longer reach the browser.

Maybe helpful for others:

What version are you using for openhab and safari?
Is there any error in the log files?

Im running oprnHAB 3.4.2 on the latest openhabian on a Raspberry Pi 3b+.

The browser is Safari 16.4 running on macOS Ventura (13.3).

There are no errors in openhab.log.

Problem solved by disabling AdGuard on my openHAB site.