Item status not updating


I am having trouble that my ios app does not update the status of items. I have for instance four lights that I would like to control via openhab. I can see the lights and I can control them also, but immediately after I have switched them off or on or dimmed them the dimmer status just jumps back to a fixed position around 75%. That is independent of the actual status of the lights. I have also tried to having them just as switches and that gives the same result, - ie. no update of status.

It works fine on our android phones and via web interface.

Any ideas?

Just tried to install the app on an iPad and that is the same result - no update of status for the individual items. It is only Hue lights I currently control - put I don’t suppose that is an issue since it works fine i web and on Android?

I have added control for a Chromecast to the setup - and that updates fine. Thus the issue is narrowed down to being a Philips Hue problem - as they still not update correctly.

Can I submit that as a bug somewhere or can there be something I am missing in my setup for Hue? That would strike me a bit odd since it work in web interface and on Android.