Item string format in basic UI

I have tried looking a bit at the basic UI is that of classic UI to see if I like this better. The display is more modern, which is good, but I’m having some problems with the number of decimal places after reported values. A typical item description look like this:

Number	BathroomTemperature	"Bathroom Temperature [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>	(Temperature,GF_Bathroom)		{ channel="rfxcom:temperaturehumidity:9a0b230b:29194:temperature" }

But I get the temperature reported with up to 20 decimal places, clearly ignoring the format specified in the square brackets. Has the format for this changed? Is there is something I can do to fix it?

It is a known issue (major issue). Format is not considered when refreshing an item in an opened WEB page (Basic UI only).

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