Item= string or switch on Text label statement in sitemap

  • Hi,
    I can use sitemap statement like
    Text label=“SE inverter [%.1f kW]” icon=“solarplant” item=P_reduced visibility=[SE_flag == ON]
    if P_reduced is an Number.

I constructed a Summary string virtual item with value e.g. “100%, 25kW, OK” and wish him placed as Item=Summary in above Text label statement.

Result is an Err value. Is this in OH 2.5.12 possible please ?

RPi4, raspbian bulleseye 32bit
Openhab 2.5.12

You cannot format a String using laberl “SE inverter [%.1f kW]”
You’ll need to use %s for strings

Thanks, before it was only Power Number in kW - after change to %s it’s correct.